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A lot of happiness!

Assalamualaikum…nak story pasal percutian aku & sahabat2…ASILAH, LIN, ZURA & JIJIE…tp entry kali ni lebih kpd album gmbr..hee..oleh sbb byk sgt gmbr nak di upload, aku pick mane2 yg aku suke…

Destinasi percutian adalah di Mersing, Johor…Fishing Bay Resort & Mirage Resort, Pulau Besar…layanan yg diterima adalah superb & sgt memuaskan…

Thanx sahabat2 semua…nak jumpe kamu2 lagi…insyaallah…suatu masa nanti!


Chalet kami…syokkkkk!

2 thoughts on “A lot of happiness!

  1. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….My heart stopped for a moment… I couldn’t catch my breath….Spending together our valuable time..With happiness and laughs…remembering our great memories…As the tears started to flow…That even after all this time…I just can’t forget..how deep my love in my heart and soul..for u all my fwens…

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