Spot the difference!

My BFF from primary school till now…

Normawati, Asiah & Harianti1994

Asiah, Normawati & Harianti2007


8 thoughts on “Spot the difference!

  1. nape diri senget???dh beso pun mcm senget gak org nyerrr…hahahaha….hurrm,aku tgk 2 org tu mcm lain sikit dr yg H tu…H tu mcm H skg ler perangai nyerrr….

  2. yeaaaa….br lah betul itu gaya sejati HaryanT…
    hahaha. tambah mencekak pinggang sket~~~

    eleh…nk soh org cek mata? Who Care??
    lala…la..♪♫♥♣ ☺ ☻ ♦○◘•♥

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